Continuous Furnaces

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Continuous furnaces are used for continuous heat treatment processes. Suitable feeding and removal systems can be supplied as supplementary equipment. Continuous furnaces can be designed for semi-automatic or fully automatic operation. Continuous furnaces can be supplied with electric heating or gas-firing as
  • Roller furnaces
  • Conveyor belt furnaces
  • Chain-driven continuous furnaces



Performance Features

  • Furnaces for various applications
  • Freely selectable belt speeds
  • With automatic cycles
  • Splitting into several zones (preheating, heating, cooling)
  • Multizone control for optimal temperature uniformity
  • Superb heat treatment results



  • hardening
  • drying
  • aging
  • preheating for forging of roundels
  • collapse of cores in foundry








Gas continuous furnace

Gas continuous furnace

Gas continuous furnace


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